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Real Emcee

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Wombatt 55! An Unusual Name For An Unusual Underground Emcee.

HIP-HOP music is everywhere, and that is a good and bad thing. Good that a music can elevate a culture and be the voice of the voiceless. Bad that the music has gotten so popular the average fan can’t bare to listen to what radio calls popular. The purist is forced to dig underground to sort through a mélange of sounds claiming to be “Real Hip-Hop.” Unfortunately, many of those claims are unsubstantiated until now. Digging in the crates and underground is Baltimore Emcee Wombatt55. Redefining underground Hip-Hop culture with real lyrics, real history, and a real love for his city. All that love can be found on his debut album “Lord!... Baltimore.” a prayer for his hometown and it’s forgotten roots.

Why the unusual name? “A wombat is an animal that lives and digs in the underground.,” says Wombatt55. “My music is all about giving listeners something that is missing on today’s Hip-Hop landscape. Something you might have to dig deep to find, but that will be worth it when you find it.”

The NEW ALBUM “Lord!... Baltimore.” dates back to an era when the texture of rap music was felt in the lyrics and bass. The love for the Golden Era of Hip-Hop music can be heard on every track of the album. Wombatt55 teams with local artists and producers to bring a resurgence to that sound while offering a decidedly soulful Baltimore twist.

Wombatt55 is available for media performances, interviews, and photo shoots. Please contact him at [email protected].